Zombie Hunter (2013)

Zombie Hunter

Summary: Zombie Hunter is set in a post-apocalyptic Zombie wasteland caused by the mysterious street drug “Natas”. We follow one man who has nothing left other than a beat up Camaro and a trunk full of guns and booze. He runs down Flesh Eaters, hunting for sport and redemption, while also running from his past. After crashing into a small group of survivors, who are running low on resources, he decides to lend a hand. But a surprise attack by the Flesh Eaters forces them on the run and puts the Hunter’s skills to the test..

Year: 2013

Australian Cinema Release Date: N/A

Australian DVD Release Date: 12th March, 2014

Country: USA

Director: K.King

Screenwriter: K. King, Kurt Knight

Cast: Martin Copping (Hunter), Terry Guthrie (Jerry), Michael Monasterio (Casanova), Clare Niederpreum (Alison), Jarrod Phillips (Bill), Jade Reiger (Debbie), Marianne Smith (Daisy), Jake Suazo (Lyle), Danny Trejo (Jesus), Jason K. Wixom (Ricky)

Runtime: 93 mins



David Griffiths:

Sometimes there is nothing better than just sitting back and watching a B-Grade (or should that be C-Grade) film. Zombie Hunter is one of those films where you can simply check  your brain at the door and settle back and watch a film that seems to have all the B-Grade horror trademarks – some dodgy CGI, voluptuous women and some pretty bad-ass monsters.

The world has become a zombie wasteland, nothing new there – except this time the zombies have been created because of the abuse of a street drug called Natas. One man, named Hunter (Martin Copping) believes he is the only human left and he drives across the wasteland haunted by memories of his wife and child as he lays waste to any flesh-eater that gets in his way.

But then that all changes when Hunter runs into the bullet of Lyle (Jake Suazo), something that literally crashes him out of his world of depression. Soon Hunter discovers that a group of humans have survived, a group that includes the legendary flesh-eater killing priest Jesus (Danny Trejo), the innocent teenager Ricky (Jason K. Wixom), the sweet Alison (Clare Niederpreum) and the very slutty Fast Debbie (Jade Regier).

As Debbie and Alison decide to fight it out for the attention of Hunter he decides to try and find a way to get this group to safety while also learning that the Flesh-Eaters are evolving into a more blood-thirsty character.

Zombie Hunter is one of those B-Grade movies that entertains you from start to finish. Together director K. King and screenwriter, Kurt Knight have tried there hardest to try and create a zombie movie that isn’t simply a rip-off of an episode of The Walking Dead. Knight tries to bring a Clint Eastwood style persona (which really comes through in the voice-over) to the character of Hunter, something that is only enhanced by the wasteland setting that King captures so well.

The good thing is that Knight’s script is entertaining. Hunter is just likable enough to hold the audience’s interest while the film really reaches a peak when a seemingly Captain Spalding inspired zombie pulls out a chainsaw and decides to put Debbie and co at risk. The risk may throw up the occasional clichéd bad line but it also does more than to make this a fairly decent B-Grade film.

Of course Zombie Hunter wouldn’t be a good B-Grade movie if it didn’t contain some dodgy areas as well. The film is up and down when it comes to its CGI. At times the zombies look great and it is easy to see that the make-up team have really known what they are doing but then at other times, especially with the evolved zombies, the CGI looks really amateurish… take a look at how bad it looks when Alison brakes knocking one of the roof of the truck at the airport at the end.

Martin Copping makes for a fairly decent B-Grade lead actor and the young Australian actor has certainly come a long way since Blue Heelers and Rush. It is fairly obvious that he is using a film like this to try and become a household in Hollywood and he certainly doesn’t do his chances any harm here. Jade Reiger plays slutty very well while Clare Niederpreum is another cast member who seems to be using this film to try and leap frog her career. Then there is of course Danny Trejo who as usual seems to shine in all his B-Grade glory.

Fans of B-Grade horror are going to find themselves totally loving Zombie Hunter one of the better B-Grade films to have surfaced over the last few years.


Average Subculture Rating (out of 5): Stars(3)

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