[MUSIC NEWS] VONAVIBE Release New Single

Heavy modern rockers Vonavibe (Athens, Greece) just revealed a new music video and single entitled “Run n’ Hide“. They also announced the availability of pre-orders for their upcoming full-length album Bleed To Life which is scheduled to be released on May 26, 2023 via Eclipse Records. The album was produced by Dyon and mastered by John Christodoulatos. The video was directed by John Margetousakis.

“Run n’ Hide is about substance abuse” says lead vocalist and guitarist Dyon. “I have seen how one thing that you love and need, can eat you up from the inside. You know it, you try to run from it, but it can easily become a vicious circle with no way out.” Dyon continues, “Our previous music video for the song Come Undone was a big production, so with this one we wanted to move towards something more simplistic and to the core of the song itself. We figured the most direct thing we could do is just film us rocking out in a big blank space with nothing in the background, no story line… not even color! We got back in touch with John Margetousakis who directed Come Undone, and he was really excited about the idea, so we got onto it right away. He combined the raw dynamics of black & white imagery with the sheer power of rock, and gave us exactly the result we were looking for. We hope everyone enjoys it!”
The new album by Vonavibe is entitled Bleed To Life. The band’s third release contains ten amazing songs and is scheduled for release on May 26, 2023. Bleed to Life is an album that redefines the sound barrier at least in terms of raw power. We often informally refer to that massive rhythm guitar, bass, and percussion vibe as a “Wall of Sound,” and the first bands that come to mind are Black Sabbath and Metallica. More veritably, the “Wall of Sound” was introduced in the 1960s by record producer Phil Spector, who invented a dense orchestral studio aesthetic made of layering, echo, spill, and mono. Currently, Vonavibe have sonically restructured this idea, and Bleed to Life does not simply give us a “Wall.” It builds us a grand fortress. Besides the addictive hooks, intricate dynamics, clever drum pattering, and diverse vocals, the guitar interplay on Bleed to Life, is exceptional. Part of this is a result of the technical production, writing, and studio performances, but more viscerally, it feels to the listener like becoming a tidal wave, a volcano, a hurricane, pick your simile. Of course, rhythm chords and repetitive riffing are often used as mere background to the verses, choruses, and platform solos, but Vonavibe create a world where the rhythm guitar is unique like a “vocalist,” with the lead guitar becoming an exotic superhero.
Pre-order / Pre-save Bleed To Life at https://ffm.to/vnvbld