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Melbourne is very well-known for extreme high-quality prog rock and metal – and Modality are flying that flag HIGH today with the release of their new single ‘Hope Is For The Hopeless’. The single and video, which take aim SQUARELY at the Catholic Church and their continued cover-up of abuse and legacy of such acts, is out on Friday June 10 – and can be pre-saved at

“Hope is for the Hopeless” describes someone’s continuous search for the truth, as they encounter some harsh realities. This song explores religious themes, and how the house of God may not always be the safest place to turn to when looking for guidance about morality.

Nigel Jackson, vocalist/lyricist for the band, says that The lyrics specifically address sexual abuse against children that has taken place in the Catholic Church, tackling feelings of hurt, hatred and rage. There is a constant struggle to understand how someone could commit acts so horrific and inflict such deep trauma on another human being. Feeling that the system has failed them, the victim is left feeling lost and unhinged, and ultimately they are forced to look within to find their own truth.” His full statement about the topic can be read here.

“Hope is for the Hopeless” was written and recorded by Modality and Ted Furuhashi (CIRCLES) in Melbourne, 2020 and was Mixed and mastered by Ted Furuhashi also.

The “Hope is for the Hopeless” film clip was produced by band members Nigel Jackson & Alicia Richards and featured muso pals Dann Ralph, James Ash and Adam Zaffarese. It was Directed by Nigel Jackson and Dave Hunter (CIRCLES; Band Factory Media) and Filmed on location at DCF Studios, Thornbury, Victoria.

Modality are a progressive metal band from Melbourne, Australia, who formed in late 2018. The band explores themes of social commentary and also draws on personal experience. The five-piece band always bring energy to their live shows.

The band released their debut EP ‘SYNTHES1S’ in December of 2018, which was recorded and produced by Clint Vincent of Dead Letter Circus. The video clip for their first single ‘END 0F THE L1NE’ was filmed and produced by Dave Hunter of CIRCLES, which when released had a natural reach on social media of over 12,000 views in 24 hours. Modality played their debut show to a full room in January 2019 at PROGFEST Melbourne, supporting world-renowned progressive heavyweights such as MONUMENTS, The Ocean and Skyharbor. Following this, the band supported CIRCLES on their ‘Winter’ tour.

They will be supporting alt rock band Mass Sky Raid on Friday, 17th of June at the Tote in Collingwood.

Hope is For The Hopeless is out on Friday June 10 – and can be pre-saved at Tickets for their show with Mass Sky Raid and Suspyria can be accessed at

The Mark Of Cain – the band dubbed least likely in their high school year book – return this August in celebration of being the South Australian Music Awards most recent inductee into the SA Music Hall Of Fame
In accepting the honour TMOC join previous recipients including Jim Keays and Masters Apprentices, Glenn Shorrock, Cold Chisel, Archie Roach, Bart Willoughby, Sarah McLeod, The Zoot and many more. The band will accept award at a simple ceremony on August 19th at The Gov prior too taking the stage for a full career spanning set.
Comprised of brothers John Scott (vocals and guitar), Kim Scott (bass) and touring drummer Eli Green, The Mark Of Cain have released five albums in their 35 year history including 1989’s debut Battlesick, 1996’s breakthrough Ill At Ease album (included radio hits First Time, LMA) and most recent release Songs Of the Third & Fifth (2012) featuring former Helmet and current Battles and Tomahawk drummer John Stanier
Along the way TMOC have also achieved a series of first including being the first Australian band to work with legendary producer Steve Albini (Big Black, Nirvana, Page & Plant), the first Australian rock act to crossover into the dance market via their ground breaking work with local DJ / producer Paul Mac (a move later adopted by silverchair among others) and remain the only Australian act to be produced by former Black Flag frontman and US spoken word performer Henry Rollins. They have appeared in the soundtrack to movies Idiot Box (Degenerate Boy), various surf and skate films and had their track The Contender used as the exit music for contestants on TV show Big Brother.
It’s a remarkable achievement, unique, and all done without ever having relocated from their home city of Adelaide.
“This is much appreciated, it also addresses a common misgiving from our fans that we should have more recognition (our fans are always right you know) and although for ourselves, we’ve never been a band that seeks attention, we were always proud to be a band from Adelaide that could tour other states and show that Adelaide can and does produce great independent music and we have never compromised on that vision or belief. So we take it as a great honour for this recognition and invitation from SAMIA.” – John Scott
In addition to the Adelaide performance and in order to celebrate the induction The Mark Of Cain will also play shows in Sydney, Melbourne this August under the banner A Different Kind Of Tension, a nod to legendary UK proto-punks Buzzcocks and their influential 3rd album of the same name as well as providing the perfect metaphor of the last two years (and counting) of covid-endured isolation.
“I’ve been reading and dipping back into the Buzzcocks for some reason this last few months, and it occurred to me that the whole concept of a Different Kind of Tension is very applicable to everything we’ve felt over the last 2 years, and so wanted a very obvious use of imagery that Malcom Garret used so effectively with The Buzzcocks. A band whose music and artwork influenced me greatly when I was young, dumb and full of…erm…hope.” – John 

Gifted Melbourne prog artist Narayan has returned with a killer new single titled Narrative.

“‘Narrative’ was derived from investigating one’s own self-talk,” explains Narayan “How do I communicate with myself in my own intimate company? Is it helpful or harmful? How much of this dialogue is actually mine and how much of it do I already believe?” The instrumental features a lush introduction of synthesizers and acoustic guitars that evolve into an incredibly powerful and catchy guitar riff, set to the rhythmic backdrop of an intensely advancing shuffle with luminescent synth tapestries that ascend into an explosive conclusion. “

In his interview with Dave Griffiths Narayan also explains how a mountain covered in fog came to be the focus on the track’s video clip.

Take a listen to the full interview right here:

Voodoo Bloo have today released two new singles, ‘We’re Here, Love Is Somewhere Else’ and ‘Default’ – both from their upcoming sophomore album, THE BLESSED GHOST, being released on July 15. They can both be streamed/purchased HERE

Lead single ‘We’re Here, Love Is Somewhere Else’ is a dreamy uplifting rock track, speaking to how much spaceparanoia and social pressures take up in the mind’s hard drive; and a simple reminder that no matter how far in a rut you’re stuck, you’re only a few progressive footsteps away from getting better.

Part of this song actually comes from a previous track I wrote & recorded with Lucifer Gunne called ‘Coexistence’,” says Voodoo Bloo frontman Rory McDonald.

We only managed to record an acoustic version of it, and the riff fit so perfectly with ‘We’re Here, Love Is Somewhere Else’ that I just had to repurpose it for the song.

Alongside the single, the band have a “dreamy, trippy” video made by Rory and Voodoo Bloo’s manager, Tony McDonald. 

The trippy approach we have, I think it really helps people sink into the blissful hopelessness I’m trying to portray in the lyrics, it really shines through when I’m watching it at least,” says Rory.

‘Default’ is also released today and is the “b-side” for the ‘We’re Here, Love Is Somewhere Else’ release.”This is about a one-shot attempt to make good friends with the person I created, to make amends with who I’ve been and what I’ve done. In some ways it worked, but it also allowed me to fully look at some areas of the person I was becoming and set boundaries as to what lines I couldn’t cross anymore,” says Rory of ‘Default’.

It was one of the first songs written for the album and it was the first of many letters I wrote to myself about how much I’d fallen out of love with who I am, but that there was a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of self-improvement.

It’s not a song talking about hating one’s self, but more of the moment you come to your senses, the slap across the face that says to wake up and start taking your life seriously,” says Rory.

Both tracks were recorded at Massey University. The studio there was designed by the same people that revamped Abbey Road Studios in London.

With today’s singles offering a taste of what’s to come, THE BLESSED GHOST album is set to delve deeply into and explore the range of the band’s music repertoire, with each track showing a different side to the band.

These tracks mark a turning point for one of the biggest strengths of this album, most of the singles on our first album felt really samey to me, but this time around I don’t think anyone really knows what to expect of us, which is something I love dearly,” says Rory.

The boys from New Zealand are also partnering with Sydney legends RADICALS to form a two-prong AU/NZ tour across August, through September and up to the 1st October. The tour takes in Central Coast, 2 dates in Sydney & Wollongong on the Aussie side of the ditch and then heads over the pond to New Zealand to take in Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch.

‘We’re Here, Love Is Somewhere Else’ and ‘Default’ join the previously released singles ‘Small’ and ‘Skin’; and all will feature on Voodoo Bloo’s second album THE BLESSED GHOST – set for release July 15!

UK’s dark rock legends The Sisters of Mercy will be returning to Australia & New Zealand this October and November, playing shows in 
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland & Wellington

Fans can access early bird tickets by signing up prior to pre-sale now at 

Pre-sale starts Friday, May 27 at 11am local time. 
General public tickets on sale Tuesday, May 31 at 11am local time.

 Recently celebrating their 40th anniversary, The Sisters of Mercy are one of the most important bands to emerge from the post punk scene, with the imposing presence and the heavily melancholic voice of Andrew Eldritch giving their mark. They are a reference point for the dark rock sound and the dark culture in general with their music gaining cult status and has since been cited as a major influence by the likes of MetallicaNine Inch Nails and My Chemical Romance

A statement accompanying the tour news says, “It howls, it’s grindingly beautiful, and it’s probably heading your way.” Continuing in a similarly poetic vein, the statement adds, “New and hence unreleased songs make up half of any Sisters’ set these days, although the classics get a good thrashing in rotation. Having derived their light show from the Big Bang (gleefully inventing rave lighting in the process), the Sisters see no reason to tone it down, and will be exploding in all their usual glory.”. 

Over the course of four decades The Sisters of Mercy released three, utterly brilliant and hyper influential studio albums scaling the charts around the globe and have amassed a legion of devoted fans who flock to see classics such as ‘Lucretia My Reflection‘, ‘Temple Of Love‘ and ‘This Corrosion‘, a testament to their incredible live shows. 

Watch the Tour trailer video here

  Tuesday, Oct 25: Powerstation, Auckland
Wednesday, Oct 26: Hunter Lounge, Wellington
Friday, Oct 28: Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane
Sunday, Oct 30: Enmore, Sydney
Tuesday, Nov 1: The Gov, Adelaide
Thursday Nov 3: Astor, Perth
Saturday Nov 5: Forum, Melbourne
Early Bird Ticket Pre-Sale Starts Friday, May 27 @ 11am Local Time
Sign Up Here

General Tickets On Sale From Tuesday, May 31 @ 11am Local Time

One of the most common cries in the Australian Music Scene when tours and festivals are announced is: “What? No Adelaide?” Well, South Australians, your cries have been heard and your prayers have been answered, thanks to Destroy All Lines!

Thursday 11th August will see Karnivool, Cog, sleepmakeswaves and Alt + special guests grace Adelaide’s newly-minted Hindley Street Music Hall!

Heading up the line-up is Karnivool, reanimated off the back of their #1 Decade of Sound Awake live Blu-ray & first new music in eight years, the recently released All It Takes. Karnivool are established  as one of the most vital global forces in progressive modern music with their acclaimed debut, Themata, the ground breaking follow-up, Sound Awake and the ARIA Award winning #1 album Asymmetry, the band have gained high praise from international press titans such as Rolling Stone, Billboard Magazine, Kerrang! and Rocksound whilst touring their euphoric live show.

Since their return in 2016 after their critically acclaimed albums The New Normal and Sharing Space and subsequent 5 year hiatus, COG have been immersing themselves in their craft with renewed vigour, already having a plethora of new ideas and structures from which to draw new material. Since they released ‘The Middle’ in 2018 – the first new material released by COG in ten years and ‘Altered States’ and ‘Drawn Together’ followed, each song providing further proof that although Cog had lost NONE of their firepower.

Rounding out the line-up in Adelaide is the iconic instrumental post-hardcore legends sleepmakeswaves, who have been smashing out EPs and singles relentlessly to their rabid fanbase throughout the past few pandemic-riddled years, and hometown heroes Alt., who have been turning heads left, right and centre with their 2020 EP Dysfunctional and their 2021 single Devil’s Cut.

Sign up for early bird pre sale tickets – Early bird pre sale begins Wednesday 1 June 9am and Tickets are on sale Friday 3 June 9am. This once-in-a-lifetime event and chance to see Karnivool, COG and sleepmakeswaves on the same line-up in Adelaide is NOT to be missed.