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French metal superstars ETHS have released a new live video for the song “Harmaguedon” featuring their new vocalist, Rachel Aspe. “Harmaguedon” is streaming here. “Harmaguedon” was taken from ETHS’ last album, ‘III’.

Rachel Aspe was recently announced as the new singer for ETHS in April. The vocalist made her live debut with the Marseille-based metal band April 10th at Le Ninkasi Kao in Lyon, France.

Rachel Aspe first made her international debut on prime time television as part of “La France A Un Incroyable Talent” (the French equivalent/franchise of “America’s Got Talent”). Rachel’s death metal vocal styling stunned the judges and crowd before going viral and being seen by millions of people. Video of her audition has been widely covered by such international sites such as ABC News, MSN, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Salon, and dozens more. Footage can be found here.

Rachel commented on joining ETHS, saying: “I’m really proud to be a part of ETHS. I’ve been a fan of the band for many years, and it’s a great honor for me to sing songs I have been listening to for such a long time.”

Regarding their new band member, ETHS stated: “We’re pleased to welcome Rachel to the band. She’s great and has an awesome voice! Thanks a lot to Virginie and Nelly for filling in on stage during the last few months. Now a new chapter is beginning for ETHS. We’re energized and looking forward to our upcoming shows with Rachel. See you on the road!”

In addition to welcoming Rachel to the band, ETHS have announced a string of tourdates including the prestigious Dour Festival in Belgium!

29/06/13 TOURNUS Festiz Festival
20/07/13 DOUR Festival
27/09/13 ST MALO La Nouvelle Vague
28/09/13 NOGENT LE ROTROU L’arsenal
04/10/13 BARBERAZ Le Brin de Zinc
05/10/13 LE MEE SUR SEINE Le Chaudron
25/10/13 PARIS le Divan du Monde
26/10/13 SEQUENDIN Sequend’in rock
22/11/13 LE BOIS D’ARCY Abri Blues
14/12/13 COLMAR Le Grillen

EthsYear: 2012 (Re-release)

Label: Seasons Of Mist

Track Listing:


  1. Pourquoi
  2. La Chair et le Sang
  3. À la Droite de Dieu
  4. Le Mâle
  5. Des Hommes Bons
  6. Autopsie
  7. Dévore
  8. Encore [remix]
  9. Rien à dire (bonus demo track)
  10. Encore (bonus demo track)


  1. Intro
  2. Samantha
  3. Des Cendres
  4. Encore
  5. Volée
  6. Le Projet Humain
  7. Animadversion
  8. Entends-tu
  9. Septum Lucidum (bonus demo version)
  10. Elle s’endort (bonus demo version)


Subculture Media Review:

Sometimes timing really sucks! French death metal outfit Eths have risen to the point of super stardom in France and now they have decided to introduce their rare brand of death metal to the world… just one problem their lead singer Candice Clot has decided that this is the right time to quit the band for family reasons.

That has stopped Eths from continuing on their mission of letting the world hear their music though. No they are continuing on touring with fill-in lead singles and they have just released their two most popular EPs, ‘Autopsie’ and ‘Samantha’ together for the Australian market.

Death metal fans that are not aware of Eths though need to be warned… especially the traditionalists out there. There is a reason that Eths are labelled deathcore and it’s because their sound is something that will make traditional fans of death metal scream their lungs out.

There are times when Eths adhere to the traditional sound. Tracks like ‘Samantha’ and ‘Le Projet Humane’ show Eths death pedigree, but there is that ever lurking need to be experimental so in the middle of the brilliant screams from Candice Clot (she is truly amazing) you’ll suddenly hear DJ scratching and a mixture of other Nu-Metal tricks.

The one thing that really stands out about ‘Autopsie/Samantha’ is the sense of theatrics that Eths bring to their work. The spoken word and whispering that Clot delivers on tracks like ‘Porquoi’ and ‘Le Male’ provides real atmosphere while the sounds of people being tortured and graves being dug on other tracks really reminds you that despite all that is going on this is death metal.

Yes Eths may be more deathcore than death metal but if you’re looking for something new and amazing you’ll certainly have to check out ‘Autopsie/Samantha’.

Rating: 3/5