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Summary:  An unscripted Friends reunion special.

Year: 2021

Cinema Release Dates: TBA

VOD Release Dates: 27th May (2021 (Australia), 27th May 2021 (Thailand), 27th May 2021 (UK), 27th May 2021 (USA)

Country: USA

Director: Ben Winston

Screenwriter: David Crane, Marta Kauffman

Cast: Jennifer Aniston (self), David Beckham (self), Justin Bieber (self), Kevin Bright (self), BTS (themselves), James Corden (self), David Crane (self), Cindy Crawford (self), Courtney Cox (self), Cara Delevingne (self), Elliott Gould (self), Larry Hankin (self), Lisa Kudrow (self), Lady Gaga (self), Kit Harington (self), Mind Kaling (self), Marta Kaufman (self), Matt Le Blanc (self), Thomas Lennon (self), Matthew Perry (self), Christina Pickles (self), David Schwimmer (self), Tom Selleck (self), James Michael Taylor (self), Maggie Wheeler (self), Reese Witherspoon (self), Malala Yousafzai (self)

Running Time: 104 mins

Classification: PG (Australia), TV-14 (USA)


David Griffiths’ Friends: The Reunion Review:

It was the television event that every Friends fan wanted… except it wasn’t. There is no doubting the world domination that hit sitcom Friends had during its ten season run from 1994. This wasn’t just a show that people gathered around the water cooler to talk about at work, this was a show that popular radio shows would spend an hour talking about the morning after each episode aired.

Such was the popularity that when the show folded and its spin-off Joey died a quick death fans already started to speculate when the cast would reunite and make new episodes. There were speculations that it would happen around its tenth anniversary, while tabloid magazines wrote articles talking about networks offering huge pay-days to the cast if they wanted to return to the characters that made them famous.

Finally in 2021 fans have had the chance to see Jennifer Aniston (We’re The Millers), David Schimmer (Band Of Brothers), Courtney Cox (Scream), Matthew Perry (The Whole Nine Yards), Lisa Kudrow (Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion) and Matt Le Blanc (Lost In Space) all back together but this is not really the format that most fans would have expected for the reunion. From what fans have been saying online for the past decade it is easy to see that they wanted new episodes that answered questions like are Monica and Chandler still living happily in suburban bliss and did Rachel and Ross stay together or take another ‘break.’

That isn’t what fans got though and instead they got a sit down interview hosted by talk show host and actor James Corden which has resulted in one of the most watched television events of 2021 –Friends: The Reunion.

Now while this wasn’t the reunion that many of the fans were eagerly anticipating this was far from a letdown. A lot of the main cast have remained very private about their time on the show over the years and even despite the popularity that Aniston and Cox have found with other projects they have often remained tight-lipped during interviews about their time on Friends and whether or not there would ever be a chance of new episodes. To hear the cast talk openly about their time on the show and what was going on behind the scenes is refreshing and the style in which director Ben Winston (Carpool Karaoke) gives the show more of a documentary feeling than that of a talk show.

Watching the cast re-visit the set of the show they called home for over a decade is an emotional experience for any hardcore Friends fan. That also sets up exactly what Friends: The Reunion is going to be like. This is a special where the main cast put their hearts on the line – where they talk about the obstacles that they faced to earn a role on the show and then watch them cry as they remember the moments that made this tight-knit cast a family.

There is no denying that is the moments when the cast are talking amongst themselves on their old set and the interviews with the show’s creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman that provide the show with its most powerful moments, but that certainly doesn’t take anything away from Corden’s interview either. With his now familiar laid back style Corden throws in some tough questions while making the interview feel like a friendly chat in a pub. He gets the cast to answer whether or not we will ever see any more episodes of Friends and even exposes a behind-the-scenes romance that almost happened between two of the cast members.

The silly games and almost pointless appearances of people like Justin Bieber in the special do feel like filler but it is when Crane and Corden take this special into the documentary style that makes this something special for all fans of Friends. While this isn’t the reunion that many expected it is certainly not a waste of time for hardcore Friends fans.

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Triple M Hot Breakfast

It’s only June and already some major celebrity scandals have broken worldwide. Morning after morning, more magazines and newspapers hit the news-stands with the word ‘Scandal’ for a headline while every night it seems the news services have been loaded with weeping celebrities apologizing for their behavior. Let’s have a look at some of the celebrities that have been rocked by scandals in 2013.

Reese Witherspoon – 37-year-old actress Reese Witherspoon has put in some dramatic on-screen performances over the years. Her work in films like ‘Mud’, ‘Walk The Line’ and ‘Water For Elephants’ have made her a household name but it was her performance that was caught on police video back in May that shocked the world.

Witherspoon was out for the night with her husband, Jim Toth, when they were pulled over by Atlanta police who suspected that Toth was driving under the influence of alcohol. Instead of staying quiet, Witherspoon pleaded with the police officer and used the classic ‘Do you know who I am?’ line. The police officer was even less impressed when she screamed, “You’re harassing me as an American citizen. I have done nothing against the law.” She was arrested and fined $213 for disorderly conduct.

The Janoskians – The Janoskians are an Australian boy-band who have been on the rise over the last few years. Made up of members Beau Brooks, Jai Brooks, Luke Brooks, Daniel Sahyounie and James Yammouni, The Janoskians first rose to prominence with their Jackass-styled comedy videos that earned them a legion of fans on Youtube.

With a crowd at their feet, they released their first single, a track that reached such heights that Victorian police had to shut down a funpark the boys attended when their fans filled the park to the brim. Their music also earned them high profile fans including Justin Beiber and Ellen DeGeneres, but it was their decision to return back to making comedy videos that recently landed them in trouble with both the public and also their record label – Sony Music. The video in question saw one of the members of the band perform a sexual act in front of an unsuspecting mother and her baby. The band have since removed the video and apologized, but leading music journalist Nui Te Koha is still calling for them to lose their contract with Sony.

Joel Madden + Seal – The relationship between the Australian public and Good Charlotte band member Joel Madden had been a love/hate one ever since he had accepted a role as a mentor on the local version of hit television ‘The Voice’ in early 2012.

The love part of that relationship saw him win a ‘Best New Talent’ Logie Television Award while the hate part saw a ton of people upset at the fact that the once-proud vegetarian was now happily the face of KFC in Australia. Superstar Seal was then dragged into the love/hate relationship when New South Wales police discovered drugs in Madden’s hotel room and Seal took to Twitter in defense of his ‘brother’ saying he couldn’t wait to leave Australia and ‘go home’. When Seal’s Australian fans complained about his Twitter rants and the anti-drug lobby called for Madden to be sacked, Seal deleted his tweets and said they were actually about how much he has missed his family.

Eddie McGuire – The whole saga that saw one of the first blots on one of Australia’s biggest television and radio personality Eddie McGuire’s career first started on the night of Friday, May 24. During an Australian Rules football match, a 13-year-old Collingwood Football Club fan racially abused Sydney Football Club’s Aboriginal veteran, Adam Goodes, by calling him an ‘ape’, a derogatory name that indigenous Australians find offensive.

Goodes was so upset by the slur that he didn’t celebrate his team’s victory after the game and television cameras caught the moment when McGuire went to Goodes, consoled him and apologized to him on behalf of the Collingwood Football Club. That act of kindness saw McGuire praised by the media so it came as a complete surprise only a few days later when, on McGuire’s radio show ‘The Triple M Hot Breakfast’, McGuire joked to co-host Luke Darcy that perhaps Adam Goodes should be used to promote the theater production of ‘King Kong’. Darcy back-peddled, shocked at his co-host’s joke and McGuire apologized saying his comment was a mistake and that he hadn’t been thinking straight when he said it, but the damage had been done. Soon some outraged people were calling for radio station, Triple M, to sack McGuire. He wasn’t sacked and the Collingwood Football Club publicly supported their President, but the Australian Football League did order McGuire to go through an ‘Education Program’.

With nearly every inch of most celebrities lives covered by the media these days it is a surprise that they do still find themselves slipping up and getting involved with such scandal, especially when their fans have such easy access to social media and can comment on it so quickly. With still another six months to come in 2013, it’s for sure that the world will see more celebrity scandals in 2013.