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Summary: Two warring sheep farmer brothers must decide whether they want to work together or not when a severe virus threatens both their flocks.

Year: 2020

Cinema Release Dates: 29th October 2020 (Australia), 5th February 2020 (UK), 2021 (USA)

VOD Release Dates: TBA

Country: Australia

Director: Jeremy Sims

Screenwriter: Jules Duncan, Grimur Hakonarson (based on a film by)

Cast: Wayne Blair (Lionel), Michael Caton (Les), Leon Ford (De Vries), Asher Keddie (Angela), Hayley McElhinney (May), Travis McMahon (Fergo), Will McNeil (Jackson), Sam Neil (Colin), Miranda Richardson (Kat), Kipan Rothbury (Frenchie), Asher Yasbinek (Sally)

Running Time: 115 mins

Classification: PG (Australia), 12A (UK), PG-13 (USA)


David Griffiths’ Rams Review:

There was a period of time in Australian cinema where the funding bodies decided that the way forward was for Australian film-makers to make outrageous comedies. If you discussed the idea with them it would always come back to them talking about films like The Castle. The thing they seemed to miss though was that The Castle was a very different film to something like You And Your Stupid Mate.

While the latter was idiotic to the point of stupidity The Caste mixed comedy and drama and above all had heart. If you look at the comedies that Australians have loved over the years, films like Muriel’s Wedding and Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert, they are all movies that have heart as their major ingredient.

Somewhere along the line it feels like somebody has listened because it clearly looks like Rams will be Australia’s highest grossing local product of 2020 and having viewed the film I can say that it uses The Castle recipe to a tee. It is a film that a majority of Australians can relate to and it does indeed have heart.

A localised remake of a Scandinavian film Rams is set in a remote Western Australian town that is known for its unique bloodline of award-winning sheep. While many of the town’s local farmers, such as the determined Angela (Ahser Keddie – X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and the kind-hearted Lionel (Wayne Blair – The Sapphires) try their best to win awards for their flocks the prizes normally go to brothers Colin (Sam Neil – Jurassic Park) and Les (Michael Caton – Last Cab To Darwin).

However the relationship between the two brothers is not as it should be. They haven’t spoken to each other for decades, despite the fact they share the same farm and dog, and go out of their way to avoid each other. That war though becomes tested after local vet Kat (Miranda Richardson – The Crying Game) detects a rare disease in the sheep that leads to them having to be destroyed.

With the Government moving in and the town and its major industry on its knees Colin and Les might have to find a way to overcome their anger towards each other to ensure that their farm survives.

Despite its Scandinavian heritage there is something uniquely Australian with director Jeremy Sims’ (Beneath Hill 60) version of the film. Aided by first time feature screenwriter Jules Duncan’s screenplay the film explores the trials and tribulations of a country community in such way that as audience member I found myself laughing at one moment and close to tears the next. That screenplay gives city folk an inside look at how devastating an event like this can be on a country town in a way that we rarely get to see on the screen.

While the film does try to infuse some storylines into the film for the periphery characters the main interest here lies in the relationship between Colin and Les and the betrayal Colin feels when Kat reports the outbreak to the Government. The tension generated between those relationships carry the film along in such a way that you never lose interest in it.

Enhancing the film even further are the performances of Neil and Caton. Caton is in award winning form as he portrays the emotionally broken and alcoholic Les, while Sam Neil is at his best portraying a character that is a mess of emotion throughout the film… not that he would ever show that publicly.

Rams is easily one of the best film of 2020. It has emotion, it has heart and knows the perfect time to replace its humour with touching dramatic scenes. Jeremy Sims has just released a film that is destined to become an Aussie favourite alongside Babe and The Castle.

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In remote Western Australia, two estranged brothers, Colin (Sam Neill) and Les (Michael Caton), are at war. Raising separate flocks of sheep descended from their family’s prized bloodline, the two men work side by side yet are worlds apart. When Les’s prize ram is diagnosed with a rare and lethal illness, authorities order a purge of every sheep in the valley. While Colin attempts to stealthily outwit the powers that be, Les opts for angry defiance. But can the warring brothers set aside their differences and have a chance to reunite their family, save their herd, and bring their community back together?

RAMS is directed by Jeremy Sims and stars Sam Neill, Michael Caton, Miranda Richardson, Asher Keddie and Wayne Blair.

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This week on The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show Adam, Dave, Greg and Nick take a look at new release films ‘The End Of The Tour,’ ‘Hotel Transylvania 2,’ ‘Phoenix,’ ‘In The Heart Of The Sea,’ ‘He Named Me Malala,’ ‘The Night Before,’ and ‘Truth’. This episode also contains interviews with Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, Tom Taylor (The Deep), Lisa West (Moonlight Cinema), Michael McIntyre (IndieVillage Docco Film Festival), Amie Batalibasi (Blackbird), Gus Berger (QV Open Air Cinema) and Michael Caton (Last Cab To Darwin).

The boys also launch a brand new competition thanks to our friends at Icon Films. Icon have given us an Australian DVD Pack (made up films – Last Cab To Darwin, Strange Bedfellows, Rabbit Proof Fence, Two Hands, Oranges & Sunshine and The Black Balloon) to giveaway to celebrate the launch of Last Cab To Darwin on DVD and Blu-Ray. To win listen out for the question during this week’s show and then hit us up on Facebook with the answer.

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Last Cab To Darwin

Thanks to our friends at Icon Distribution Subculture Entertainment has some double passes to new Australian film Last Cab To Darwin to giveaway. Two lucky winners will also receive limited edition Last Cab To Darwin tea-towels. Simply listen to this week’s episode of The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show to hear how you can win.

Last Cab To Darwin stars Michael Caton, Ningali Laford-Wolf, Mark Coles Smith, Emma Hamilton and Jacki Weaver. It hits cinema screens this Thursday.

Revelation Film Festival
In what has been seen as a bleak time for Australian Cinema, Revelation Perth International Film Festival is leading the charge to demonstrate that a change is afoot.Opening the 18th Revelation Film Festival in 2015 will be Last Cab To Darwin, an extraordinary film of depth and perception. Directed by Jeremy Sims and featuring a high calibre cast including Michael Caton and Jacki Weaver, Last Cab To Darwin is another example of the incredible talent that exists in the local industry.

Also surfing this current revival are a number of other Australian films and co-productions, many of which will have their Australian premiere at Revelation.  Titles such as Plague, Vixen Velvet, Cambodian Space Project, What Lola Wants and Gameloading showcase the diversity of Australian cinema.

The Revelation program will also include two features that have been produced in WA; a snapshot of Perth’s cultural life in Parkerville Amphitheatre: Sets, Bugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll and the quirky Alvin’s Harmonious World of Opposites which was partially shot in Kambalda. Two more films, the documentary Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay and feature narrative Echoes of War were also directed by Australians.

“It’s the renaissance we didn’t know we were having,” says Revelation Festival Director Richard Sowada, “Combine these high-quality – and in most part undistributed – films with the fantastic shorts and you’d got a more than viable industry on its own terms. That’s a real achievement.”

Revelation Film Festival will also run a number of workshops for both aspiring and established filmmakers including a three day digital filmmaking class with Craig Deeker and an acting masterclass with Steve Bisley.

Revelation’s full program will be released on 6 June. The festival runs 2-12 July.

Lido Logo

Melbourne cinema lovers rejoice; the new Lido Cinemas is due to unveil June 25th. The stunning eight-screen artiplex, showing both commercial and art house films, will open on Hawthorn’s bustling Glenferrie Road bringing both excitement and vibrancy with Australian premieres, exclusive releases and a focus on local community engagement.

A labour of love from the owners of Elsternwick’s Classic and Belgrave’s Cameo, cinephiles Eddie and Lindy Tamir, who against all odds, have lovingly restored this beautiful building for an extraordinary cinema opening unseen in Melbourne for many years.

Lido will be the first venue in mainland Australia, to have a rooftop screen attached to a cinema. This exciting project sees some of the world’s most cutting edge technology, including a 4K projector and Dolby Atmos, contrasted in a beautifully historic venue, boasting gorgeous features like an Edwardian-era marble staircase.

Eddie, who has always been a sucker for old buildings and who also restored the Cameo and Classic Cinemas, says: “The building is beautiful and I wanted to keep as much of the traditional charm as possible. While visiting old cinema sites I was most inspired by the ones which still had some of their old characteristics, as well as street theatre; a location with a vibrant atmosphere.”

Eddie, who also founded the Jewish International Film Festival, sees his cinemas as community centres for locals, “it’s important for us that we cater to all people, and to understand that people can like both art-house and commercial films, people are not one dimensional and Lido certainly isn’t either,” Eddie adds.

Aidan Halloran was the man behind the design, who has spent five years working to face the challenge of retaining many of the old features, while installing eight screens and transforming it into an exciting cinema. “The original decorative plaster ceiling, the two original marble and tiled staircases, and the multi-coloured 1930s terrazzo floor in the foyer are some of the aspects we were able to refresh and restore.  The new elements sit in obvious contrast to the old, adding another layer to the long history of the building, which served as a theatre, cinema, pool hall, dance studio, and cabaret venue, among others,” said Aidan. Lido was home to a cinema in 1917 but closed down in 1956.

The fabulous Hawthorn location has boomed in recent years, with the launch of exciting eateries like Fonda Mexican, the redevelopment of the Hawthorn Arts Centre and charming cafes like Crabapple Kitchen, who will also be opening Vaporetta – a Venetian Bar Restaurant backing onto the cinemas. With the launch of Lido and new Huxtaburger and Yo-Chi stores, Hawthorn is set to continue growing as a prime location.

“Even with the boom of downloading films, the romance and experience of going to the cinema will always be paramount in the industry. Restoring an old, beautiful building adds to the theatre of the whole cinema experience,” adds Eddie.

The cinemas will open with an eclectic mix of art house titles, family holiday releases and upmarket commercial releases catering for all tastes including Minions, Pixar’s Inside Out, the story of The Beach Boys frontman Brian Wilson Love & Mercy, Far From The Madding Crowd based on the literary classic by Thomas Hardy, an exclusive Lido season of JIFF 2014 hit, the critically acclaimed and multi-award winning black comedy Zero Motivation, and an ongoing partnership with Monster Pictures which will include the annual Monster Fest, Australia’s Premiere horror film festival, plus a weekly Friday night Monster Fest Presents Midnight Mayhem showcase which kicks off with the Melbourne Premiere of the much anticipated THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 (FINAL SEQUENCE).

In addition, the Lido launch period will include the Lido’s 8K Radius Film Series, in partnership with City of Boroondara, directed by Kenny’s Clayton Jacobson and focusing on the weird and wonderful stories of everyday people living and working in the area, an Australian film focus lead by the new film Last Cab To Darwin starring Michael Caton and Jacki Weaver, and following with support for a number of local gems. In addition, the Lido is working on exciting programmes and partnerships with Swinburne’s famed School Of Film & TV, in addition to a number of cultural film festivals with partnering organisations.

Lido Cinemas

675 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn


Last Cab To Darwin

Icon Film Distribution is proud to announce that the official world premiere of the new Australian feature, LAST CAB TO DARWIN will be held at Sydney’s State Theatre on Saturday June 6, 2015.

The Sydney Film Festival today announced the inclusion of LAST CAB TO DARWIN in its 2015 programme and the first festival screening of the film will also be the premiere event ahead of its release in cinemas across Australia on August 6.

Cast and crew from the film will be in attendance to walk the red carpet and witness the audience falling in love with the film first hand.

Jeremy Sims (Beneath Hill 60 and Last Train to Freo) skilfully directs Australian acting legends, Michael Caton and Jacki Weaver against the backdrop of the stunning Australian outback.  Sims began working on the project with co-writer, Reg Cribb over 10 years ago and commented about this labour of love.

“I’m so proud of this film. After 3000 kms, 18 flat tyres, three bogged vans on the Oodnadatta Track and 4 billion flies; with the help of entire communities at Oodnadatta and Daly waters, an indomitable crew, brave and supportive investors and our brilliant cast, we have made what I hope is a truly ‘Australian’ film, with a big heart and a bigger story to tell. Caton is of course the centre of it all, and I hope people give themselves the chance to watch a true legend of Australian screen give the performance of his career…”

With so many iconic characters already to his name (Uncle Harry in TV’s The Sullivans, Ted Taylor in TV’s Packed To The Rafters, and of course, Daryl Kerrigan in The Castle) Michael Caton gives the performance of a lifetime in LAST CAB TO DARWIN.  Caton is Rex, a Broken Hill cab driver who, when told he doesn’t have long to live, sets out on an epic journey to Darwin in a bid to die on his own terms.   Along the way he is forced to expand his once limited horizons and open himself up to new people and new experiences; teaching us all that it’s never too late to start living.

In her first Australian feature film performance since the meteoric international rise that has included two Academy Award® nominations and back to back Hollywood projects; Jacki Weaver appears as audiences have never seen her before.  As the controversial Dr Farmer, she provides a multi-layered portrayal of a doctor struggling between her ability to help one patient or the many more to follow.

In fact, Michael Caton’s tour de force portrayal is in great company with so many standout turns from the cast, including up and coming actor, Mark Coles Smith (Beneath Hill 60 and TV’s The Gods of Wheat Street) who plays incorrigible larrikin, Tilly.  Coles Smith’s enigmatic Tilly wheedles his way into Rex’s cab and inevitably into his life, guiding him along his journey through the heart of the country and providing his unique perspective on life as an Indigenous Australian living in outback communities.  This breakout performance will see Coles Smith feature on many one-to-watch lists.

Australian-born actress, Emma Hamilton who plays British backpacker Julie has built a career in the UK including TV’s The Tudors.  Another standout, she not only nails the accent, but gives Julie both the no-nonsense attitude of a seasoned nurse and the tender understanding of a natural healer.

As Rex heads off on his Darwin-bound adventure, he leaves behind his neighbour and sometime lover, Polly.  In yet another dynamic portrayal, Ningali Lawford-Wolf brings Polly’s strength and vulnerability to life in a combination of comic timing and chutzpah.  In addition to her work on screen in Rabbit Proof Fence and Bran Nue Dae, Ningali was also recognised for her services to Indigenous performing arts with the Australian Centenary Medal in 2001.

Also waiting back at the pub in Broken Hill are Rex’s mates played by Australian acting stalwarts, John Howard, Alan Dukes and David Field.  Other highly familiar faces rounding out the support cast include Brendan Cowell, Leah Purcell and Jeremy Cumpston.

Director Sims and Cinematographer Steve Arnold have captured the incredible Australian landscape in all its glory and to the point that it serves much like its own character in the film.  From the desert landscapes to the lush tropical locales, Rex’s journey along the Oodnadatta Track and up through central Australia serves as a love letter to the outback.

As quintessentially Australian as the red earth itself, the sport of AFL and its deep connection with Indigenous communities also features as a key theme in the film.   AFL legend, Brian Taylor also stars in the film, playing the Darwin coach who gives Tilly his big break.

2015 is shaping up as a great year for Australian film and LAST CAB TO DARWIN will continue the trend with a touching and life-affirming story that is sure to resonate with everyone from coast to country town.  An extensive talent tour across Australia is planned for the months between the world premiere at the Sydney Film Festival and film’s actual release.

Icon Film Distribution CEO, Greg Hughes commented, “We are greatly excited by the opportunity to showcase this extraordinary film as part of the Sydney Film Festival and to be able to align the world premiere event inside of the festival’s timelines.  Icon has enjoyed working closely with the LAST CAB TO DARWIN team throughout the film’s journey from script to screen and we are very proud to be associated with the final product and to be able to share this moving story with Australian audiences.”

Filled with hope, humour and heart, LAST CAB TO DARWIN takes us on a journey in cinemas from August 6.