I Am A Girl (2013)

I Am A Girl

Summary: A poetic and observational feature length documentary from award-winning filmmaker Rebecca Barry, who journeys to Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Cameroon, the USA and Australia, to reveal just what it means to grow up female in the 21st century.

There is a group of people in the world today who are more persecuted than anyone else, but they are not political or religious activists. They are girls. Being born a girl means you are more likely to be subjected to violence, disease, poverty and disadvantage than any other group on the planet. As a day on earth transpires from dawn to dusk and into the night, we meet Manu, Kimsey, Aziza, Habiba, Breani and Katie. As they come of age in the way their culture dictates, we see remarkable heart-warming stories of resilience, bravery and humour.

Year: 2013

Australian Cinema Release Date: 26th September, 2013

Australian DVD Release Date: TBA

Country: Australia

Director: Rebecca Barry

Screenwriter: N/A

Cast: N/A

Runtime: 92 mins



Greg King: Stars(3)

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IMDB Rating:  N/A

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