Journey To Space Review (2015)

Journey To Space 3D

Summary: Journey To Space is a brand new IMAX documentary that tells the history of space travel while also taking a look at the machinery and people that will carry on the future of space expedition as humanity plans to walk on Mars.

Year: 2015

Australian Cinema Release Date: 26th March, 2015

Australian DVD Release Date: TBA

Country: USA

Director: Mark Krenzien

Screenwriter: Mark Krenzien

Cast: Patrick Stewart (narrator)

Runtime: 45 mins

Classification: CTC




David Griffiths:

For most of us we fell in love with space by watching some pretty badly put together documentaries that were forced upon us in school science classrooms. Normally they contained dull and boring voiceovers that had the potential to make you lapse into some kind of coma, while the footage was so grainy you basically had to take the narrator’s word for it that you were actually seeing a star system in outer space. Well that is a thing of the past because now comes Journey To Space, one of the best space documentaries that you are ever likely to see.

It probably sounds like a bit of cliché but Journey To Space is a ground-breaking documentary. Seeing a documentary on one of the world’s biggest screens in IMAX is always a brilliant experience but seeing outer space in this format takes the whole documentary experience to a completely different level. As the film shows some spectacularly clear footage captured over the years it really feels like you are laying down on the grass looking up into a night sky that has been magnified a million times over.

Experience documentary director Mark Krenzien has put Journey To Space together in such a way that there simply no part of the docco that will make its audience lose interest. The brief look at the history of space travel is brilliantly put together and manages to capture the highs, such as the first moon landing, and the lows, such as the Challenger disaster, equally well. Even the footage of various space shuttles being retired and taken to their final resting places becomes fascinating as the gives the audience a chance to get really close to these fascinating piece of equipment.

And if that footage isn’t engaging enough the second half of the documentary takes a further step forward as narrator Patrick Stewart steps aside for astronauts to talk about their own personal journeys into space and to talk about what equipment is currently being developed to take humans to Mars over the next decade. This is also the best format to view the currently available footage of Mars because presented here in this docco it really blows you away.

Journey To Space is the kind of documentary that has the power to even floor those people who say that doccos are boring and uninteresting. The only way to see Journey To Space is in 3D and in IMAX because the visuals are designed in such a way to blow you away as they are presented on the biggest screen possible. To be honest I probably learned more about space travel in this docco than I did in any science class, and the visuals completely blew me away. This is a docco that really shows just how powerful IMAX can be… a must see.





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