Melbourne based Thrash Metal outfit Vault Hill have just released their ferocious debut EP ‘Amber Falls’, which was premiered via AAA Backstage.

They have also announced a launch show at Whole Lotta Love on September 10th to celebrate the release.

‘Amber Falls’ is a tribute to the late and former drummer Nathan Johnston. Nathan contributed to writing to majority of the tracks on the release. The title and EP artwork (by artist Judy Antill) draws its name and imagery from a memory. The Amber Falls are created by holding four cups of beer, two in each hand and arranging them to spill over into the next to create a new waterfall. The first time the band attempted the feat they all failed except for Nathan. He was the only one to conquer the Amber falls that night.

Vault Hill draw influence from PanteraSlipknotLamb of God and Metallica. Combining intensity, groove and rawness the band meld together a unique twist of ornate metal that bears fruits from traditional roots laden with signatures sounds of their own.

The band stemmed from a high-school project that was founded by brothers Morgan (vocals) and Adrian O’Brien (guitars). They are now joined by a powerhouse rhythmic section made up of bass player Kyle Dean and drummer Frankie Demaru, completing the jigsaw puzzle and creating a formidable sound in the process.

Subculture’s Dave Griffiths this week sat down with the band to chat about the new EP.

 Their debut EP ‘Amber Falls’ is available on all major online stores and streaming services.

 VAULT HILL‘AMBER FALLS’ EP LAUNCH September 10th – Whole Lotta Love, Melbourne, VIC W/ Deadweight80 + The Orphan + Those Left Behind + Swordfish Trombone. Tickets available at www.eventbrite.com.au | 18+ only