Sunshine On Leith (2013)

Sunshine On Leith

Summary: Home is where the heart is for best pals Davy and Ally. Returning from duty in Afghanistan to their lifelong residence in Leith just outside Edinburgh, the lads kindle romances old and new: Ally with Davy’s sister Liz, and Davy with Yvonne, his little sis’s best friend from work. Meanwhile, their parents Rab and Jean are busy planning their 25th wedding anniversary. Everything’s going swimmingly, until a revelation from Rab’s past threatens to tear the family and all three couples apart.

Year: 2013

Australian Cinema Release Date: 29th May, 2014

Australian DVD Release Date: TBA

Country: UK

Director: Dexter Fletcher

Screenwriter: Stephen Greenhorn

Cast: Emily-Jane Boyle (Christine), Paul Brannigan (Ronnie), Elaine M. Ellis (Morag), Jason Flemying (Harry), Kevin Guthrie (Ally), Emma Hartley-Miller (Janice), Jane Horrocks (Jean), George MacKay (Davy), Freya Mavor (Liz), Paul McCole (Ewan), Peter Mullan (Rab),  John Spence (Brendan), Gaye Telfer Stevens (Francine), Antonia Thomas (Yvonne), Sara Vickers (Eilidh)

Runtime: 100 mins

Classification: PG


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Average Subculture Rating (out of 5): Stars(3.5)


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