Fuller House – Michael Sun Lee Interview

Fuller House

One of the most eagerly anticipated television shows this year is Fuller House (the spin off to Full House) and Subculture Entertainment’s Dave Griffiths decided to sit down and talk to one of the actors that features in the new show – Michael Sun Lee. Here’s our Michael Sun Lee interview.


First of all Michael thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview:

1. Michael the world is about to see you appear on Fuller House were you a big fan of the original series Full House?

Like most of my friends in growing up Hawaii. Watching “Full House” was one of those guilty pleasures. I haven’t watched every single Episode but there are ones that definitely stand out. Such as the one where little Harry marries little Stephanie, of course.

2. What are your memories of the show?

Coincidentally, The best memory was the episode where little Harry marries little Stephanie.

3. How did you first become involved with Fuller House?

I was asked to audition by Koczara/Schevchenko Casting in Los Angeles. 

4. How do you feel when you first heard they were doing a spin-off series?

I felt that the idea was really really clever. I thought “That’s smart, I wonder where they will go with this new version?”

5. Can you tell us a little about your character of Harry that you are playing?

Basically, I play the Adult version of Stephanies childhood friend. 

How I come into the story line is very clever, funny, and nostalgic.  You just have to watch and find out.  The writers and producers on this show are some of the most comedically talented I have worked with to date


6. Is there anything you can tell us about how Harry fits into the story line on Fuller House?

I can only tell you that we see him all grown up and find out what he is up to as an Adult.

7. As an actor how do you approach a role when the character was played in an earlier show by a different actor?

 Luckily, for me, almost everything that I needed to approach the role was written on the page for me.


8. Did you go back and watch the old episodes that Harry was in or because he was older now did you decide to just go into the role completely fresh?

I did watch an old Episode the character was in just for reference and flavoring for the adult version. 

I remember the characters hair as a child and luckily for me, I was in between haircuts when I auditioned.

9. One of the big surprises for fans of Fuller House is getting to see some of the orginal actors back in the show. Did you happen to run into any of the originals (like John Stamos or Bob Saget) on set and if so what was it like for you?

Yes! I was lucky enough to share the sound stage with all but two or three of the original cast members. It was fantastic for me and nervously amazing.


10. With Fuller House being a spin-off of Full House is there any TV show that you enjoyed watching as a kid that you would love to brought back as a spin-off in the next few years? If so what role would you like to play on the show?

Yes. Perhaps shows like, Perfect Strangers, Family Matters, Just The Ten of Us.  

And I would love to play ANY role, are you kidding me?

11. You’ve been able to work on some of the most popular TV shows in the world at the moment – shows like Hawaii Five-O, NCIS: Los Angeles and Scorpion – what has been your favourite show to work on and why?

Well. right next to Fuller House, I would have to say “Hawaii Five-O” simply because I got to work in my hometown.  

But getting to work in this business on any show is a blessing and rewarding because everyone involved works so damn hard.

12. According to IMDB you have a lot of projects about to be released. Can you tell us when your fans will be able to see in something next?

Two projects coming out that I had great fun working on was a Horror type movie called “Holidays” with Seth Green and Kevin Smith involved And “Kubo and the Two Strings” – A feature from Laika Studios that is coming out in August 2016. 


13. What should they be excited about?

“Kubo and the Two Strings” will be AWESOME!

Again Michael, thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview.