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The Bold Type fans rejoice! A date has just been announced for the midseason return so mark the diary for a little ray of sunshine to warm up your winter.

The Bold Type Season 4 midseason return premieres 12 June, same day as the US – only on Stan.

All previous episodes of Seasons 1-4 are available to stream now.

American Rock band FAITH & SCARS has released the official music video for “No Apologies”. Written & Produced by FAITH & SCARS, Directed by Jaiden Hord Frost, “No Apologies” is off the band’s upcoming album, Revolver, due out October 17th, 2020.

“This song is a physical fight. It’s an argument. It’s a battle cry for all those willing to stand up for what they believe in.

While “Breathe” serves as a reassuring state of mind, ‘No Apologies’ offers a message of initiative. As the sequel to ‘Breathe,’ ‘No Apologies’ shows that staying positive is a great start but isn’t always a strong enough method when dealing with real life matters.

Sometimes it takes standing up to the trials that life throws at you. These trials can bind you. Especially in isolation, these trials can make you feel like you’re in an inescapable prison. ‘No Apologies’ comes screaming in to break that mold. No matter where you are in life, everybody has felt like they need to scream out and throw their hands up to be free. We offer this song as a means to do so.

This song is about confidence, strength, & courage. Whether you’re wrestling with self worth, bullying, depression, discrimination, addiction, trauma, or abuse, this song was written for you.

We want people to realize that strength comes from within. It’s not about being the biggest, or the strongest in the fight. Strength comes in many forms. Oftentimes more than not, strength is showcased with heart. Whether you’re physically standing up for yourself, or simply asking for help; it takes a great deal of strength to keep up the fight & overcome. We’re keeping up our fight every day by using our mantra: “Faith will see you through and Scars will make you stronger”.

We are hoping to create a movement that is all inclusive, and inspires a generation. We are setting our sights to the future, learning from our mistakes and failures and using them to push forward and be better than we were yesterday.

Overall ‘No Apologies’ is about being willing to get up, dust yourself off, address the issues at hand, put the work in, and ultimately make a change for the better.

As a reminder, we offer you this:

Be yourself, 100% of yourself. Never settle for less than you deserve. Keep on the grind. Make no excuses, stay true to yourself, and make No Apologies.”

“Making this video was no easy feat! Leading up to the video, our vocalist Roger underwent months of training, allowing himself time to learn how to safely perform in the ring. All of the moves were done by him, & under the supervision of a trained professional. Because of this supervision, the other band members were able to jump in to do a few moves as well. Safety was top priority for this shoot, and we’re so pleased with the final product. The band also brought in a professional wrestler to help in the video. The masked wrestler you see is none other than professional wrestler Brandon Hillard who currently works under the ring name Brandon Wild! Brandon was easy to work with & a great asset to the video. He remains a close friend of ours today.

Along with learning how to properly work in a ring, we had to find one to use for the shoot. Our solution came from an awesome local wrestling organization, Live Championship Wrestling (LCW). They had a ring where we were able to learn, train, and film in. The owner, Dan Wright, offers training to aspiring wrestlers through his wrestling school, The Fracture Factory. Dan & The Factory were more than willing to help us out.

Another aspect of this shoot was the lighting and production. Every light and effect you see was paid for, set up, and operated by a member of the band. We spent many hours up on a ladder in the middle of the ring hanging lights from the rafters and rigging up smoke machines. It’s no easy feat to stand on a ladder in the middle of a wrestling ring, and we commend the ones who can do it during a match.”


More than 20 years since Will & Grace first graced our TV screens, it’s time to bid farewell once more to your favourite foursome this Friday when the series finale premieres exclusively on Stan.

One of the most beloved and groundbreaking comedy series of all time, in the season finale episode, “It’s Time,” with the apartment packed up, Will (Eric McCormack) is determined to not reminisce about his life in the city or his ex, McCoy (guest star Matt Bomer). Grace (Debra Messing), on the verge of giving birth, keeps having false alarms of going into labour. At the behest of Stan, Karen (Megan Mullally) goes to the top of the Statue of Liberty to get closure with her ex-husband. Jack’s (Sean Hayes) dream of taking a bow on a Broadway stage becomes a very real possibility. Minnie Driver and Brian Jordan Alvarez also guest star.


Will & Grace ran for eight seasons from 1998 to 2006 and was rebooted in 2017, having a 246-episode run over two decades. It scored 91 Emmy Award nominations, 18 Emmy wins (including outstanding comedy series), and seven SAG Awards. The show is also one of the few in television history where each cast member has won an Emmy Award.

Eric McCormack: “We’ve done certain episodes that while they’re very much about right now, they will withstand the text of time. I have a greater appreciation of how great a job this is, so in some ways it’s harder to say goodbye this time.”

Sean Hayes: “All I feel is gratitude to the writers, to my peers, to the fans.”

Debra Messing: “To be able to make people laugh and think and feel, that’s the trifecta. This is a family with a history. No question there’s going to be tears on that last night.”

Megan Mullally: “To have a job doing a show that people liked so much, that’s amazing.”

The finale will premiere on Stan at 3pm this Friday, 24 April. All previous episodes of the award-winning series, including the return seasons, are available to stream now. ​

The final episode of Will & Grace premieres 3pm Friday 24 April only on Stan – the same day as the US.



Last year, DESTRUCTION played a breathtakingly good show at the German PARTYSAN festival. Fortunately, for everyone who wasn’t able to attend, the thrash heroes recorded this metal party – and now, that the Covid-19 pandemic has crippled the whole live industry, the time has come to share this memory from a gorgeous show.

DESTRUCTION release their live album Born To Thrash – Live In Germany as digital version on May, 8th!

But that’s not the end of the story: To make this memory a gem for all their loyal fans, the band has launched an interactive map today where they can sign in and mark the location of their first live concert with DESTRUCTION ever.
Check it out here:

The unique world map created this way will be part of the album. Everyone who participated will be mentioned by his name on a poster that comes with the album’s physical version. The deadline for participating is April, 24th. This version will be released as CD and Vinyl on July, 17th – strictly limited and a special collector’s item!

Singer and bassist Schmier on this:
“We recorded this special show on the release weekend of our BORN TO PERISH record last year, at Germanys awesome PARTYSAN festival. We had the very spontaneous idea to do a live album in these difficult times, where the fans and us bands are longing for concerts. This might help us a bit to keep the spirit, bring us some joy and great memories back.

This is also the first live record of DESTRUCTION as a four piece since the legendary LIVE WITHOUT SENSE album. The current line up is the strongest we ever had – and of course, this shows best on a live stage! We have kept it raw and authentic and hope our fans will enjoy this atmospheric highlight of our last concert season as much as we did while thrashing on stage! ”


Passion River Films has acquired worldwide rights to Jorgy Cruz’s debut feature “Funny Pains.” The feature documentary features Nikki Glaser, whose recent Netflix stand-up comedy special “Bangin” made the NY Times’ Best Comedy Specials on Netflix list. Jim Norton, another comic with real estate on Netflix with his special “Mouthful of Shame,” is also featured. Hot comediansBonnie McFarlane, Andrew Shultz, Yamaneika Saunders, Krystyna Hutchinson, Rich Vos and Mehran Khaghani,who also have specials released on Netflix, Comedy Central, YouTube and other platforms, round out this elite cast of working comics. Krystyna Hutchinson, co-host of the popular feminist podcast “Guys We F’d” served as executive producer, along with Pablo Minier, TahuantyPena, and Daria Scoccimarro.

“Funny Pains” follows stand-up comedian Wendi Starling, whose career, working process and life areclosely examined in the film, as she navigates one of the entertainment’s toughest, most competitive professions – all during the height of the #MeToo movement, feminism, and the infiltration of stand-up comedy by the politically correct. Above all else, the film delves into serious issues of sexual assault and mental health, with Starling revealing her not-so-private personal traumas.

The deal was negotiated by Hewes Pictures’ head of sales and acquisitions Princeton Holt and Passion River’s Director of Sales and Acquisitions Mat Levy, after talks that first began at EFM 2020 in Berlin. About “Funny Pains”, Levy said “We are very proud and honored to release ‘Funny Pains’ and help share Wendi’s brave narrative with the world. Wendi’s story is one of risk and determination, ironically the very essence of great independent cinema. We are confident that you will fall in love with Wendi and be inspired by her bold journey as much as we were. And above all else, we promise you that you will LAUGH!”

Director Jorgy Cruz added, “’Funny Pains’ is a two-part love letter to NYC and to stand-up comedy; both which I love, respect and owe a lot to. Having the support and representation of the superb team at Hewes Pictures made all the difference. They’re one of the main reasons why we are now ready to share our movie with the world on all platforms. I’m grateful and humble.”

Passion River is gearing up for a second quarter 2020 release date.

Rock Band HOLD ON HOLLYWOOD has released the official music video for their single “Movies.” Directed, shot, and edited by Blake Ralston, “Movies” is off of the band’s Valentine’s Day released EP, Love Stories.

“We wrote this song about a time in our lives that’s very dear to us, and probably everyone. When everything was exciting & you and your friends had that new found freedom, one of y’all just started driving or something. You had that person you were crushing on, and you all just wanted to go out and have fun, every time hoping you’d run in to that one person wherever you all went, or building up the courage to ask them out.

It’s funny now to see this video come out at a time like this. It’s a song about going out and being with friends, youthful nostalgia, and we’re all locked in our homes right now on quarantine. The irony sure is funny, but we hope this gives you something to enjoy and remember those good times, while looking forward to more to come.

We got to step into what we consider a “big studio” for the first time as a band for this EP, and had Matt Noveskey of Blue October at the helm producing. Along with Matt Meli (engineer/mixing), they really helped to bring the “Love Stories” to life for us at Orb Studios in Austin, TX. We wanted the video to feel just as “larger than life” as that recording experience did for us!” – NICK DEES (Lead Guitarist)

“Movies” is one of those songs that you know is destined for great things on the very first listen. No pretentious BS, no filler. And the hooks and melodies are irresistible. The video is the perfect visual complement to the song. To me it’s the classic tale of freedom, camaraderie and the human connection. Watching a video like this reminds you that life is supposed to be FUN. Producing the song and being a part of the journey with the guys is a complete honor. The world needs content like this more than ever.” – MATT NOVESKEY (Producer / Bassist of Blue October)


Irist! Remember the name, because these guys are one of the brightest sparks in the heavy music world at the moment. While the band only started out in 2015 even before the release of their debut album, Order Of The Mind, the band was being compared to the likes of Machine Head, Mastodon and Sepultura. I was recently lucky enough to be able to sit down and have a chat with vocalist Rodrigo Carvalho who was able to tell me not only about the new album but also about the band itself.

“The band actually had another vocalist before me,” he says frankly when we begin to talk about the history of the band which began in South America before re-locating to Atlanta. “They had put together an EP and then when the vocalist left I joined the band, then we put together three demos and sent them off to Nuclear Blast. Then we got signed and then we started to write Order Of The Mind from there.”

That leads me to ask how Carvalho ended up joining Irist after the departure of the first vocalist. “I was actually friends with Pablo and Bruno before any of that,” he answers. “I really felt like I was ready to do music fulltime but I actually just really loved the music that they were putting out while they were still trying to put a line-up together. I thought it was so unique and so interesting that I was like ‘oh man I really need to talk to these guys. I was taking their music so seriously at a time when I was really jaded because it felt for me that nothing was really changing. It just felt that they were trying to push music in a completely different direction and I think that was what really attracted me to want to join the band… and that is why I am here now.”

Knowing that Pablo and Bruno had come from very musical homes I ask Carvalho whether that was the same for him and he says, “Yeah my home was very musical as well. My Dad would walk into the house and there would be instantly music playing in the background – that was pretty much non-stop. My brother also played drums so from my very early teens I was always playing with him. We were into hardcore and even heavier stuff. I’ve been playing that for awhile now but I grew up listening to all kinds of stuff. We listened to a lot of Latin music because my family was from Brazil, but there was also a lot of punk, hardcore and metal there as well. It was just a very varied up-bringing when music was concerned.”

From there we begin to talk about the band signing to one of the greatest heavy music labels on this planet. “When I joined the band Nuclear Blast already knew they existed,” says Carvalho explaining all the steps to me. “They had heard the EP and they liked it but they hadn’t signed the band yet. When I joined the band they decided to send Monte Connor some demos to see whether or not they wanted to move forward with it.”

“After that we still technically hadn’t signed but they told us we were good to go,” he continues. “We felt more confident as a band and I think that we already had two songs written and there were a few more in the making. I think by the time they actually signed the band there were already six songs done but we were already writing with intent. The thing is when we write we like to spend a fair bit of time on each song, sometimes it was like a month or two per song – sometimes it might even be three before it was done.”

They say it takes time to let something good simmer and that is certainly the case with Order Of The Mind.




There are very few bands in the world with as much international flavour as hard rock outfit Gotthard. Hailing from Switzerland the band replaced their former lead singer Steve Lee, who tragically died in a motorcycle accident, with Aussie Nic Maeder, who admittedly has spent a great deal of time in the US.

The band have played alongside the greats like Deep Purple, Alice Cooper and Bon Jovi and now return with their brand new album – #13.

“I think in general whenever you start making an album you just let it take its course,” explains Maeder when we begin to talk about the birth of #13. “It really is like a living thing you really do just have to let it take its path. The only thing that we did know was that we wanted it to be a pretty raw kind of sounding album. Particularly because we had been touring for two years with the acoustic tour so we were pretty keen to make a really rockin’ album basically.”

“The very first track we wrote for the album was “Another Last Time,”” he goes on to say. “That is more in the bluesy direction and then it just get evolving from there and it really just took a life of its own. And then of course it changes again once we had recorded all the demos and the producer comes in and it all gets ripped apart again, so then of course it takes another turn again so you never really know where you are going to end up.”

What they have ended up with though is a gem of an album that contains some pretty thought-provoking lyrics. “With lyrics I’m kind of always doing what is happening around me,” he says when we begin to talk about the lyrics on #13. “There could be something that I am going through, or there might be something that I am observing someone else going through. There is a good mixture of things on there though, between love songs and some environmental stuff – there is even a funny song like “Rescue Me” at the end of the album that has this seventies almost grunge thing going on, but lyrically it is all about the internet and trying to live without our phones, being addicted to our phones and all of that kind of stuff. There is even some stuff on social media on there so really there is a bit of everything on there. We just kind of grabbed whatever grabbed us at the time, you know.”

The environmental themes are sure to resonate a little more with Australians due to our past summer and that is not something that is lost on Gotthard. “At the moment you have everything happening at once,” says Maeder after taking a deep breath. “It is just one thing after another really. I mean the bushfires I was watching that closely from Europe and it was absolutely dreadful. I still have family in Australia and they were safe but the fires did come really close to them. “

“But the environment is just such a huge issue,” he says continuing. “I think sometimes it takes a catastrophe to really change things or for people to really start taking notice. But yeah it is definitely a huge issue.”

We take a break from the huge topics and go back to talking about the DNA of #13 and we begin to talk about the various sounds that come through on this album – from the 1970s vibe through to a more bluesy rock and Maeder says he thinks it is because so many people had input on the album. “We have three main songwriters,” he says. “Between Leo, Freddy and myself we all have pretty different tastes actually when it comes to music. I suppose that is the big part of that but I think that has always been the case with Gotthard anyway. We do have those different tastes and I think whenever we are writing a song because we have those different tastes we do have to make sure that we are all happy with it so we won’t let anything go out until we are all happy with a song, so we keep working on stuff until we are all happy.”

Well one thing is certain the band should be very happy with #13 and it is guaranteed that the fans will be just as happy.


#13 is out now through Nuclear Blast Records.




“‘A Flag to Wave’ is about the search for identity and purpose,” says singer Brian Wille. “This song goes out to anyone looking for meaning in their lives and to those who have already found it. Over the last four years, we have traveled the world trying to make a name for ourselves — playing shows with some of our favorite bands and touring all over the United States, Europe, the UK, and parts of Canada. We’ve been met with various hardships along the way, but have also been met with unprecedented kindness, support, and friendship that we will cherish and appreciate for the rest of our lives. There are no plans of stopping and with our new record, we plan to hit the world harder than ever.

The song appears on the Connecticut band’s upcoming second album ‘The Way It Ends’, out June 5 via SharpTone Records – and can be pre-ordered here.

‘The Way It Ends’ is a thematic and spiritual successor to Currents’ dense, bludgeoning, and smartly constructed full-length debut, ‘The Place I Feel Safest (2017), and a direct follow-up to the blistering and diverse EP, ‘I Let The Devil In’ (2018).

Currents is Brian Wille (vocals), Chris Wiseman (guitar), Ryan Castaldi (guitar), Christian Pulgarin (bass) and Matt Young (drums). Currents explore the forbidden realms of a tortured psyche, searching for meaning amidst uncertain chaos and venom. Heartache, physical abuse, abandonment, trauma – no dark emotion is spared examination. Currents also turn their gaze outward, offering no mercy to man-made catastrophes like climate change and animal abuse. An exploitative system that inflicts such harm upon humanity and the entire world will not be spared the wrath within this explosive, weaponized bombast.

Those well-versed in MeshuggahHumanity’s Last BreathVildhjarta, and Architects have embraced Currents with full-throated passion. A combination of their contemporaries and influences, channeled through unique perspective and personal experience, resulted in something revolutionary. It’s why they were handpicked for tours with August Burns Red, As I Lay DyingWe Came As RomansFit For a KingBorn of Osiris, and the Impericon Never Say Die! Tour.

As New Noise declared: “Currents is a band not to be ignored”. Currents second studio album, ‘The Way It Ends’, will be available everywhere Friday June 5 through SharpTone records. New single “A Flag To Wave” is available to purchase and stream now at