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This week on The Good The Bad The Ugly Film Show Adam, Dave, Greg and Nick take a look at new release films ‘Far From A Maddening Crowd,’ ‘Zero Motivation’ ‘Minions,’ ‘Love & Mercy,’ ‘Eden,’ and ‘Ted 2′ . This episode also contains interviews with Carey Mulligan, Sandra Bullock, Seth MacFarlane, Laurence R. Harvey (The Human Centipede III), Suumer Harris (Rites Of Passage) and Daniel De Fillippo (Rites Of Passage).

Plus we launch a great new competition this week. Thanks to eOne Entertainment we have some limited edition posters from Dolph Lundgren’s new film Skin Trade to giveaway. Make sure you listen in for your chance to win.

Also thanks to eOne Entertainment you have a chance to win a copy of Song One starring Anne Hathaway on DVD.

And you also get a chance to win passes to see Love & Mercy, starring Paul Dano and John Cusack, in cinemas on June 25 thanks to Icon.  Five lucky people will also win The Beach Boys’ Greatest Hits album to go with their passes.

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Monster Fest Fright Night

Monster Fest, Australia’s premiere cult film festival is proud to announce a weekly program of cult screenings at two of Australia’s finest cinema establishments, the brand new Lido Cinema in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn and the recently revamped, New Farm Cinema in the Brisbane inner-city suburb of New Farm.

MONSTER FEST PRESENTS: FRIDAY FRIGHT NIGHT will showcase a depraved cavalcade of the latest, greatest and rarest cult and horror cinema from Australia and around the globe.

There will be world premieres, local premieres, reruns of classic gems as well as rarities that may never have been seen on the big screen in Australia before.  Where possible the screenings will involve special guests, either live at the cinema or via Skype hookup – actors, directors, writers and artisans from every cinematic walk of life.

“This is perhaps the most exciting development in Monster Fest’s history” said Monster Fest National Marketing Director, David Leadbetter. “To have two of the most spectacular cinema’s in the country regularly screening some of the scariest, nastiest and downright depraved films ever made, all under the Monster Fest banner, is a dream come true and should have cult movie enthusiasts salivating like rabid zombies” he continued.

The full program of Friday Fright Night films is currently being finalised and will be revealed shortly.

“There are so many incredible films being released in this country that never get seen on a big screen, these Friday Fright Night screenings will change that and will give genre freaks like me a reason to live” said Monster Fest Presents Curator Ben Hellwig, “We want this to be an all out celebration of cinematic depravity and for it to lure the genre loving throngs of this country back to the cinema where they belong, cult, think cult cinema, think Monster Fest Presents” he continued.

The Friday Fright Night screenings will launch with the third installment of the most controversial film franchise in the history of cinema, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 (FINAL SEQUENCE) and the star of parts 2 and 3, British actor Laurence R. Harvey, will be on hand to partake in Q&A’s and signings post screening.

Launch dates are as follows:
MELBOURNE: June 26 – Lido Cinema, Hawthorn
BRISBANE: July 2 – New Farm Cinema, New Farm

Friday Fright Night screenings will continue every Friday from launch.

The Human Centipede 3

Monster Fest, Australia’s premier cult film festival is proud to announce a national theatrical tour of the third and final installment of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE franchise: THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 (FINAL SEQUENCE), launching its new weekly cinema event “Monster Fest Presents” and celebrating the film’s June 17 release on DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD. 

Fans will have the rare chance of seeing the film on the glorious big screen in each capital city, with one-off screenings attended by the star of both the second and the third THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE films, brilliant English actor Laurence R. Harvey, who will be at each event to introduce the film, followed by Q&A and signing session.

Tickets for THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 (FINAL SEQUENCE) screening with special guest Laurence R. Harvey are available now via individual cinema websites or via Try Booking.








Controversy has followed THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE since it first shocked the world in 2010. “Is this the sickest film ever made?” asked Britain’s The Sun newspaper, while legendary film critic Roger Ebert refused to give the film a star rating, stating that it “occupies a world where the stars don’t shine.”

In 2011, the second episode of the trilogy, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 (FULL SEQUENCE), was pulled from Australian cinema screens after conservative pressure groups successfully lobbied to have the film’s R18+ rating reviewed. The ban was lifted only after the film’s distributor, Monster Pictures, made cuts to the film.

Monster Pictures will submit the latest installment in the next couple of weeks and wait anxiously for the verdict from the Australian Classification Board. “We’re nervous, no doubt,” said Neil Foley from Monster Pictures. “I’ve seen the film and it ain’t no walk in the park. Let’s just hope sanity prevails and we can release this film without any issues from the censors.”

Writer-director Tom Six declared that Part 2 would make the notorious original film look like ‘My Little Pony’, and now he promises THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 (THE FINAL SEQUENCE) will make Part 2 look like a Disney film!

THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 (FINAL SEQUENCE) unites the stars of the first two films, Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey, as warden and sidekick, respectively, of an American prison. They hatch a plan to cut costs by creating a human centipede, not with three people as in Part 1, or with twelve, as in Part 2, but with 500 inmates – each joined in such a way to share the same digestive tract!

The original film claimed to be “100% medically accurate”, the second “100% medically inaccurate”. Now, Part 3 takes it to a whole new level by announcing itself to be “100% politically incorrect!” And in this day of homogenised pop culture, what could possibly be more enticing than that?

THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 (FULL SEQUENCE) will screen in capital cities across the country with special guest, Laurence R Harvey, as a Monster Fest Presents special event.

Said Laurence R. Harvey of the tour: “I’m delirious about coming down to Australia once again. Making the film was so much twisted fun and it’ll be brilliant to share the madness with fans in my home away from home, Australia – see you all in June.”

Monster Fest National Marketing Director, Mr. David Leadbetter added,  “THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE films have etched their way into the global psyche, they’ve appeared on South Park, been parodied in porn, been sung about in musicals and been whispered about at drinking fountains the world over. To say we’ve played a role in spreading something so wonderfully abhorrent gives me enormous delight. Yes it’s sickening but it’s fun and completely tongue in cheek! I say crack open your finest fresh mints and enjoy; this tour is going to be a hoot!”

The Monster Fest Presents tour is co-presented by Filmink and STACK Magazine and will be the first of many Monster Fest Presents screenings and events to be held around the country in the near future.

Monster Fest Presents will host ongoing screening events each Friday night at both the brand new Lido Cinemas in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn (Official Opening June 25th), as well as the New Farm Cinemas in Brisbane.

THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 (FINAL SEQUENCE) will be released on DVD & Blu-Ray by Monster Pictures and will be available in major rental and retail chains from June 17.

monsterfest web logo

Monster Fest is Australia’s fastest growing genre film festival. What began in 2011 has doubled in size each subsequent year.

In 2014, for the first time, we will open to short and feature film submissions from Australia and across the world. We are also expanding to two of Melbourne’s most iconic entertainment venues.

Every November, Monster Fest 2014 partners with Melbourne’s Cinema Nova to present the latest, greatest and rarest cult and horror cinema from Australia and around the globe.
In 2014 the partnership continues – but Monster Fest is spreading its gargantuan wings!

We have established ‘The Monsters Lair’, our Festival Club with extra screenings, master classes, marathons, trivia competitions, parties, bands, DJ’s, special guests, booze, popcorn and much more at the newly refurbished bastion of late night rock n’ roll, Yah Yah’s Bar in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy.

Yah Yah’s owner/manager James ‘The Hound Dog’ Young says of the partnership: “For years Yah Yah’s in Smith Street, Fitzroy has been the gathering place for Melbourne’s late night rock monsters. Partnering with Monster Fest is a twisted connection that, like the Human Centipede, is destined to grow, to endure and to disturb!”

Cinema Nova’s Kristian Connolly says of the latest development: “Lurking in the shadows since 2013’s record attendance, Monster Fest will emerge bigger and better than ever before to terrorise Melbourne audiences, we tried to warn you, but you didn’t listen: Monster Fest is back! and it’s hungry for fresh victims…”.

Opening the festival to worldwide submissions sees a competitive element introduced to the festival for the first time.

Awards will include the ‘Golden Monster’, for the feature film judged Best-of-Fest. There will also be awards for:

  • Best Australian Feature
  • Best Australian Short
  • Best Director – Feature
  • Best Director – Short
  • Best International Feature
  • Best International Short
  • Best Female Lead in a Feature Film
  • Best Male Lead in Feature Film
  • Best Male lead in a Short Film
  • Best Female Lead in a Short Film
  • Best SFX in a Feature Film
  • Best Feature Screenplay
  • Best Short Screenplay
  • Monster Fest Innovation Award (Open to shorts and features)

There will also be the ‘The Monsters Choice Audience Award’ for the film voted most popular by festival patrons.

A ‘Golden Lomax’, taking its name from British actor Laurence R. Harvey’s character in THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3, will also be awarded to the sickest, most twisted short film at the ‘Trasharama’ sidebar event at the festival.

Festival Director, Neil Foley says of this year’s festival:
“Monster Fest, Nova and Yah Yah’s – this union is no marriage. This is a sordid Ménage à Trois! We’re hoping every genre fiend in the land will gather to watch and drool at the depraved shenanigans within. Lock up your kiddies, Monster Fest has truly arrived!”

Monster Fest will run from Thursday November 20 to Sunday November 30.

For full submission details go to www.monsterfest.com.au